Woodworking, Ceramics, Multi-Media Art, Lego Animation and More!

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D&D/RPG (Role Playing games)

half + half

We heard your requests! In this unique specialty offering, campers will dive into their own Dungeons and Dragons campaign guided by our own beloved Summer Fenn counselor and experienced DM Will Blumenthal. They’ll get support in building character sheets, in the craft of developing campaign narrative, and an inspiring model of creative, cooperative, and strategic play. Campers will also have plenty of active time in prep for an epic LARP battle (Live Action Role Play) on the 12 acre North Campus.  

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build your own boat

full day

Build your very own full-sized canoe with this one-of-a-kind opportunity! Campers will spend their day working with boat builders Chris Balch and Lezli Whitehouse as they guide each child through the process of building a light and fast 15’ canoe, perfect for paddling on flat-water and gentle rivers.


half + half

Step into our fully renovated woodshop and learn to build with Summer Fenn’s talented woodworking instructors. From tables and bookshelves to desks and Adirondack chairs, campers will handcraft projects of their very own to take home. Come with an original idea or follow the guidance of our experienced staff to create a project that works for you. To build a more elaborate project take two weeks back-to-back!

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half + half

Spend your mornings working with clay in our beautiful ceramics studio! In this program, campers will learn the intricacies of throwing on our electric pottery wheels and develop their hand building skills to create their own masterpieces. Our experienced instructors provide each camper with individual guidance throughout the process as they learn to build, bisque and glaze, firing their final projects in our kiln.

FIBER arts

half + half

In this brand new specialty offering, campers will enjoy a solid introduction to fiber arts- including crochet, knitting, sewing and quilting. Learn the fundamentals of technique, and explore the possibilities with simple hands-on projects that inspire creativity and curiosity to further each child’s interest and expertise. Become familiar with the basic functionality of a sewing machine, and take home a mini-quilt of your camper’s own design.

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lego animation

half + half

Using a full Stop Animation app suite, campers will build their own mini-sets, write and record voiceovers, and create their own video short with an array of Lego and other interesting characters!

soaps, salts & Scrubs

half + half

In this inventive and playful approach to DIY products, the team from Denault Studios will guide our campers in making their own bath and skin care products. Make them for yourself or as gifts, using all-natural ingredients and creative packaging!

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metal arts

Half + half

Use a wide range of techniques including heat, burnout, and hand tool manipulation to create beautiful metal sculptural art pieces. Led by skilled artisans from Denault Studios, campers will be guided through the creation of their pieces in this unique specialty that combines building and design elements.

multi-media art

full day

This program will take campers on an artistic and creative journey through faraway lands and familiar adventures! Using a variety of different tactile media, campers will create an elaborate 3D diorama scene using custom-made wooden bases. Each week we build around a visually engaging theme with the chance for each camper to express their own vision.