Base Camp is our classic, well rounded day camp experience where children can thrive and learn in a variety of settings with many activity choices. Each week your camper will experience all 5 of our Core Competencies: 

  1. Swim Instruction

  2. Adventure/Challenge Course

  3. Arts and Crafts

  4. Sports and Games

  5. Nature and Science

All of our programs are led by our incredibly talented staff who will make sure that your camper has the best summer ever!

Each camper will also have choice blocks, called Electives, in which they can choose from a wide range of innovative, interesting and fun activities. 

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lower camp -

Summer 2020 rates coming Dec 1st

The Lower Camp program at Summer Fenn is an excellent experience for campers entering kindergarten and first grade. Our unique Kindergarten program fosters a nurturing environment in which your camper will thrive. Campers entering first grade benefit from our staff-to-camper ratio of 1:4 in their small groups of 8-12 campers.

middle camp -

Summer 2020 rates coming Dec 1st

The Middle Camp experience at Summer Fenn is incredibly well-rounded, providing campers with an excellent balance of fun and engaging activities. With a staff to camper ratio of 1:5 including Activity Specialists, our exceptional counselors guide their groups through their daily schedule, at a comfortable pace. 

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upper camp -

Summer 2020 rates coming Dec 1st

Upper Campers have more flexibility and choice in deciding how to participate in the increasing variety of activities offered throughout their week. Our outstanding counselors travel with their groups throughout their daily schedule and Activity Specialists offer these campers high-end and age appropriate programming.

senior camp -

Summer 2020 rates coming Dec 1st

Senior Camp is the capstone of the Summer Fenn Base Camp experience, providing our oldest campers with the most choice we have to offer while simultaneously meeting their changing needs and keeping their camp experience fun and engaging.