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Drone Derby, Cooking, Digital Photo/Editing, Steam Lab, and More!

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Digital Photo/Editing

Half + half

Experience the possibilities of Digital Photo Editing with Fenn photography teacher Tony Santos! Using Nikon D3000 digital cameras campers will learn a variety of shooting techniques, exploring lighting, contrast, composition and more. They will creatively enhance their images using the many facets of Adobe Photoshop CS5, producing a high-quality portfolio to take home.

advanced video editing

Full Day

Take your movie making skills to the next level by going behind the scenes in this advanced video program! Campers will produce, direct, act in and shoot their videos while delving deeper into the editing process in our multi-media studio with Final Cut Pro. Our knowledgeable staff will work closely with campers as they develop their technical skills and experiment with green screens and other special effects while creating a final product to be taken home on DVD. This program is designed for campers who have digital film making experience.  

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Chef jr.

half + half

In this hugely popular Half + Half Specialty, campers will spend the morning enjoying all things culinary- from cupcake wars to food science, silly taste tests, meal prep and more. Chef Jr. has the perfect recipe for fun- our secret ingredients include 1-part playful silliness, 1-part education and nutrition, and 1-part creativity and camaraderie! 

Chef Sr.

half + half

Join us for this next step in the Summer Fenn cooking experience, with a more advanced exploration for our teen-aged foodies.  Dice, chop, sauté, stir-fry, blend, and bake while enjoying time with camp friends and learning about food sourcing and food science. 

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drone derby

half + half

Discover the magic of robotics in flight! Our STEAM experts will guide campers through age-appropriate building, programming, testing and flying of simple drones using playful and engaging challenges and functionality for learning and fun! 

rule a robot

half + half

Build and program your own robot! Using the LEGO Mindstorms™ EV3, learn how robots sense, think, move and communicate. Using updated sensors and components, campers will build basic robots that are capable of performing specific tasks and solving a series of challenges! 

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3D Print/design

Half + Half

For our young Makers who love the world of coding and design, here is your chance to dive in to this specialty camp focused on 3D design and printing with our expert instructors. Learn coding logic, design implementation, project iteration and take-home 3D prints of your own design!  


half + half

Join us this summer in our fully equipped Makerspace where we'll build, hack and create with a variety of tools and machines.  Campers will be challenged to find do it yourself solutions and creative fixes as they work on any number of projects from Spider drones, to PVC marshmallow guns, to motorized game or even an individual sized hovercraft!