Yes, I learned to share and clean up my toys in kindergarten, but the most valuable lessons for my children have come from camp.

I watch the elective transitions on Mondays and Wednesday, and see over and over the way our campers navigate choice, disappointment and success. I see them branching out from the friends they came with in favor of trying something new that peaks their own curiosity.

Every time we sing a “This is a repeat after me” song with the chant back in unison from the crowd, I see the power of community song and ritual. It’s intentional- the way we unplug here, the way we stay active, how we encourage silliness. The older I get (and often try to fight it), the more I know these are the things I need to hold on to. If only we all remembered the way a genuine smile changes everyone’s mood. I learned that at camp. Here are some of  the lessons of a camp season that have served me well- I bet your camper will agree!

1) The buddy system works. Everyone should have a buddy.


2) It’s always the team on the ground that gets you up to the highest climb.

3) Sometimes your schedule has all your favorites, and sometimes not, and that’s ok.

4) Running and playing = fit and happy. 

5) Whether it’s a high five or a freezy pop, it’s important to end your day on a sweet note

6) Friends are better than phones.


7) Growing up has its rewards… like backpacks, and sweatshirts.

8) A community that sings together, stays together.

9) Fun should never be an afterthought.

10) Trying something once is great, trying it twice is better.

And don't forget...Being greeted by smiles is sometimes all it takes to make your whole day great.


Posted by maggie on Sunday July, 17, 2016