New Year’s Day is my favorite holiday, it always has been. There’s something so hopeful and optimistic about a new beginning. And unlike the other “gift-giving” holidays, for me there’s less pressure, less angst, and more rest and relaxing.

As we turn our attention to 2016, here at Summer Fenn we’ve been taking time with our own families, but we never stop thinking about yours. That’s because there’s something so awesome about camp- which is that every summer is a chance for kids to reinvent themselves, to put their “one-year-older”, best foot forward and jump right in to becoming who they wish to be. In the rest of their world, where their peers, teachers, parents and neighbors see them every day, this typically happens in baby steps. They test out new interests in the swirling dynamics of their peer groups, with appropriate influence from the grownups around them. But here at camp, it happens in leaps and bounds. New campers arrive every week, they haven’t seen their counselors all year, and the variety of ways for them to explore new interests is endless. Maybe this is the year they dive into their artistic side, or maybe your camper becomes thrilled with swimming, or overcomes a fear of heights, or connects with his new, lifelong best friend. This is the optimism and hope that fills the New Year for us at Summer Fenn.

And while opportunity to grow and change is a quintessential component of summer camp, children also need the safety of familiar routines, and having their expectations set and met. This is another way in camp life really delivers for kids, through the power of tradition. Our campers know that they’ll enjoy a cookout on Fridays, that they’ll get to dress up on Wednesdays, and that there will always be a freezy pop waiting at the canopies after electives.

So while we are getting to launch our new programs like “Musical Mini” or “Day Tripper Art Explorers” we are mindful of the balance between old and new, the familiar and the unknown. It is this special place that camp occupies in a child’s life that lets him or her take on those leaps and bounds, and stretch and grow in ways that aren’t likely anywhere else.  

So here’s to a happy and healthy New Year, and we can’t wait to see your child here at Summer Fenn!

Posted by maggie on Monday December, 28, 2015